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The TM Speed is a development that has followed the success of the TM45. In fact the TM Speed shares many attributes of the TM45 but is symmetric to allow the fin to operate in both port and starboard directions. To support the loads required without the benefit of the asymmetric design it needed to be bigger so has gained nearly 25% in area over the TM45.

Like the TM45, the TM Speed is predominantly for competition speed sailing use, but should also provide an exhilarating performance for sailors that just want to go fast at their regular sailing spot. On a windy day the TM Speed would suit small slalom boards or larger speed boards trying to achieve good Alpha Racing speeds.

The foil shape is the Time Machine Vario design used on the TM45 but with the camber removed to make it symmetric and with some minor changes to widen the range of conditions that this symmetric design can operate. It is a very distinctive design (for those that recognise different foils) due to the strange kink in the back half of the foil. This is unique to Time Machine speed designs and is not a manufacturing fault! Its part of what makes the Time Machine fins work so well.

One of the key features of the Vario design is its very fat drag bucket and resistance to spinout (ventilation) through careful design of the pressure distribution across the foil. The drag bucket of the TM Speed provides fantastic efficiency because it maintains the drag bucket in difficult conditions, like when sailing in rough or choppy water. When you consider that the drag inside a drag bucket is roughly half the drag of that outside the drag-bucket, you quickly realise why the TM Speed can perform so well.

Cavitation on the TM Speed should not occur until 45 knots on a broad course or 43 knots on a tight course. This provides enough "head room" for even the most demanding competition, especially in difficult conditions. The reason the cavitation speed is not higher to say 50 or 60 knots is because every design element has a trade-off. If the cavitation speed was raised to 60 knots, then the range of conditions that it will work would be reduced. It would require more perfect water conditions, a broader course and could potentially be less efficient with a narrower drag-bucket. That is not to suggest 50-60 knot fins are wrong or cannot be used, its just that a fin designed for 40-45 knots can be much better for achieving 40-45 knots! For a fin capable of 50 knots, see the information provided on the TM50

The TM Speed is built using the same moulded Carbon and Epoxy construction of the TM45 for absolute rigidity in the base of the fin, but with more tip flex to help keep the fin under control across the chop when the tip of the fin is the only thing left in the water. To control the accuracy of the design, the TM Speed is built using high precision CNC machining of the mould.



The key benefits of the TM Speed are:

Symmetric design allows competition performance on both tacks 
Careful attention to section and tip design to resist cavitation up to 45 knots
A very deep drag bucket at operating speeds to reduce drag to a minimum
Optimal rake for control at high speed and reducing flex
Resistant to spinout so can be pushed harder in the chop
Maintains a drag bucket in a wide variety of conditions



Design speed 35-43 knots 
Length 26 cm
Chord 92 mm
Rake 12 degrees
Section Time Machine custom symmetric Vario section
Optimal surface Fully polished
Material Unidirectional carbon, glass and epoxy
Base Tuttle
Screws 50mm x 6mm x 2
Availability September '07 (please email to confirm before payment)
Price 250 Euro  ($420 AUD) + shipping


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