RealSpeed 1.9 is no longer in Beta. You can download the latest version 1.9 below or go to the installation page for more instructions.




Here are some "pre-canned" sets of divisions for users to try out with RealSpeed 1.9+. 

TRACKPTSPEED.RSP for speed-sailors using trackpoints for speed calculation (For Garmin users)

DOPPLERSPEED.RSP for speed-sailors using the GT11 and doppler calculations

TRACKPTRUN.RSP for runners and cyclists using track point calculations (for Garmin users)

DOPPLERRUN.RSP for runners or cyclists using the GT11


Some options for the GPS-Speedsurfing Site:

gpsss.rsp - Uses doppler if available

gpsss_doppler.rsp - Always uses doppler

gpsss_trackpts.rsp - Always uses track points



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