This is the RealSpeed installation and payment page. For most users RealSpeed makes analysis of track data a very simple process. Just open the track file and everything you need to see is right in front of you! 

Installation is in three easy steps:

1. First download the following file which is a self extracting zip file for RealSpeed. The zip file should be extracted to a folder and RealSpeed can be run from that folder. You will need to create a shortcut to RealSpeed if you want to run it from the menu. 

RSpeed 1.928.exe


NOTE: If you intend to compete in GPS Team Challenge you are advised to install one of the following that are the same install of RealSpeed 1.928 as above, but are also preconfigured for the teaam challenge. Select of the installs based on your GPS type.

Garmin Users should download  GPS TC GMN.exe

GT11/31 users should download  GPS TC GT.exe


2. Run RealSpeed and go to the menu item Tools/Register... Here you will find the Machine Id as shown below. Copy the Machine Id from your machine (the one shown below is mine and wont work for you) using Cut-And-Paste.


3. In order to receive a registration Id please fill out your email address and machine Id fields below then click on the PayPal link to initiate payment. 

Note that RealSpeed provides a lot of nice features for very little cost. The cost is only 20 Euro (about $28 AUD) and payment is simple via PayPal. You can use your credit card and you don't need a PayPal account to use the PayPal link. But if you are struggling to pay this amount then simply enter the amount you can afford along with a brief comment about your circumstances. 

Once payment has been received a registration Id will be sent to you via email which you can enter into RealSpeed to enable all the features.


Complete the registration now:

Email Address
Machine Id

If you do not get a registration Id sent to you within 24 hours please contact to see what the delay is. It is possible you may have provided the wrong email address in which case we cannot get back to you!

Thats it! You now have all the features of RealSpeed available to you. But keep an eye on this site because I will update the software regularly and you will be entitled to these updates without any need to upgrade.


For users that have received RealSpeed for free and wish to donate to its development, you can make a small donations via this link.



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Last modified: December 22, 2008