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Use this page to understand what RealSpeed is, how to download it and register it for use.

If you wish to register and pay for RealSpeed then go straight to the Installation page.

What is RealSpeed?

RealSpeed version 1.9 allows you to download, view, edit and analyse your track point and doppler speed data from your GPS.

RealSpeed provides the following views of the data which are all synchronised so that a selection in one view will show that selection in all other views.

A map view which is like a birds eye view with full zoom and scrolling capabilities
A speed graph which also shows speed, 3D Speed, altitude, number of satellites, vertical speed and HDOP (horizontal dilution of precision) data
A track point spreadsheet listing called the track point Grid with sorting on any column
A results grid showing results of "divisions" or specific analysis (like best average speed over 10 seconds)


Regular analysis can be done by specifying a division or condition over which the analysis needs to occur. You can have as many divisions as you wish for any distance or time periods.

Division types can be one of the following:

Speed over distance or time  - speeds of a fixed distance or time period
Alpha Racing divisions  - speeds through a turn
Lap Racing divisions - speeds between locations or along a known path
Splits  - speeds over all equal segments of the track file split by the nominated distance
Checkpoints  - speeds between selected points of the track

Each of these methods of analysis are described in more detail through the FAQ link on the left.

RealSpeed also provides editing features.

Automatic removal of spikes
Remove track points under a specified speed
Split a file into multiple files
Combine multiple files into one file
Sorting track points into correct time order
Deleting multiple track points
Marking track points as invalid so deleting is not required

Many GPS units produce this track point data and either connect to a computer via USB or serial port such as the Garmin Foretrex or Velocitek S10,, or write data to an SD card such as the Locosys GT11.

Below is an image of RealSpeed 1.9 showing the track points in the map view with a highlighted result in pink. Also shown is the doppler speed (green) and the track point speed (black) in the lower graph..

Notice also the results in the top right window showing the best results and the worst accuracy during the course of the run.


How do I Register RealSpeed?

To use RealSpeed you first need to download it to your computer and then register it to get the full functionality. This is a simple task which is described in more detail in the Installation page. In RealSpeed go to Tools/Register... in the menu to get the machine Id number and provide it when paying through PayPal. The registration Id will then be sent to you by email. Enter the registration Id into RealSpeed to enable all the features of RealSpeed. Simple! 

What versions are available?

The standard installation is a personal use version. But there is also a competition version of RealSpeed (see RealSpeed Comp) that provides many more features for handling many competitors over multiple divisions and automatically produces the final result listings.

If you wish to use RealSpeed for commercial use then you need to get a commercial license. Contact for more details.

If you have any questions about RealSpeed then first start with the FAQ section, and if this doesn't answer your question then send me an email at


Have you received a copy of RealSpeed for free and wish to donate something towards it? Use the following link to contribute as little or as much as you wish.




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